The Great UK 'in your endo' Tour

A stop in Shitterton

For those of you know me pretty well, you’ll know that I’ve been harping on about doing a tour of the UK based on rude place names for well over a year now, possibly two.

There are multiple trains of thought behind it:

  1. I want something to write about that’s not exclusively my own body
  3. Mum and Dad can’t raise their eyebrows at me for writing rude words in my blog
  4. Still chuckling at Twatt

There is a tonne of very crappy crap going on constantly on a global level and with 24 hour rolling news via telly screens and app updates, a pussy-grabbing US president who clearly learnt sod all from Cat Bin Lady, and Bake Off moving to Channel 4, it can sometimes feel like we’re all doomed. But we’re not, there is also a lot of good and loveliness and joy which is hard to see through the manure sometimes. I want to spread some of that joy by mixing puerile humour and travel writing – so that, my friends, is exactly what I’m going to do in this travel blog series which may never end, starting with:



Firstly, I love this place.

This was a very whistle stop visit to have my picture taken with the sign, but I will return for an amble about and to do a proper piece about at some point. I just thought it’d be a great place to start, it seemed only right to kick this off in Dorset.

So how do I know I love the place when I’ve never stopped there?

It’s been fundamental to the enjoyment of many Gillingham car journeys growing up for the sibling and I.


*cue giggles*

Me: Imagine the rudest address you could have! 1 Bumhole road, Shitterton….

Laura: ….DT6 BUM

*cue more giggles*

Mum and Dad probably don’t think we noticed, but sitting behind them we could totally see their cheeks go up – smile indicators. We knew our audience.

Even now, with both of us in our 20s, driving through and seeing the sign elicits chuckles and raised eyebrows.

I’m sure there would be more than one local seriously unimpressed with us and our perennial sniggering, but this mickey taking isn’t from a place of mockery. I think it’s part jealousy – I would certainly love to be able to say I live in Shitterton. Just think of the venom you could spit your address out with over the phone to HMRC with no repercussions!

The other part is respect.

That lovely Purbeck stone sign weighs a tonne and a half, and was bought for about £700 by a collection of locals who were all fed up of the sign being nicked. That’s awesome. Imagine living somewhere where the community is strong enough to pay to have Shitterton engraved into a hefty chunk of rock.

Kudos, Shittertonians.






2 thoughts on “A stop in Shitterton

  1. This is even better if you consider how English place names are formed. Any place name ending in “ton” is believed to be a variation on “tun”, referring to a farm or a hamlet. So Shitterton becomes “a farm of shitters”. I think we’ve all had to walk through a few farmgates a little bit like this haven’t we?


    1. I just looked it up, and Shitterton goes a step further! It essentially (probably) means ‘farmstead on a stream used as an open sewer’ – so one of the rare places that is actually named after the thing everyone sniggers about!

      You have to wonder who named it.

      Person 1: There are some lovely trees over there, why not call it ‘nice trees’.

      Person 2: Nah that’s terrible. There’s a farm next to a shitty river, let’s call it that!


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